California shooting suspect could face death penalty, prosecutors say


The California church shooting suspect has been charged with murder and attempted murder


David Chou, the suspected gunman, is being held without bail and may face the death penalty


Todd Spitzer
Orange County District Attorney


This case is definitely a case that I'm looking at for death.


I'm not prejudging it.


I told you I have a complete open mind.

相告爾等 吾業已完全打開思想格局。

1 person was killed and 5 were wounded on May 15

1人被槍擊致死另5人受傷,作案時間5月15 。

The 68-year-old had planned to kill'as many in that room as possible', a prosecutor said


He has also been charged with possession of destructive devices and may face hate crime charges


Chou had 4 Molotov-cocktail-type devices and two 9mm handguns, according to authorities


The explosive devices really, really scare me about what could have happened. if the plan had been carried out as I think it was intended.


Spitzer said Chou first mingled with church members at a luncheon to gain their trust


Then he chained the doors closed, super glued locks and placed incendiary devices


The Taiwanese-born American had worked as an armed security guard


Authorities said Chou was motivated by his hatred for Taiwan


Chen Shin-liang
Presbyterian Pastor, Taipei

【旁白字幕】臺北牧師 陳信良(音譯)

we strongly condemn violence
The suspect should not vent his own emotions on defenceless people.


There are many beautiful things in Taiwan.

大美臺灣(山美水美人更美, 臺灣最美的風景是人)。